3D Printing – The Cutting Edge of Technology

        Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles/Freedigitalphotos.net 


3D printing is slowly but surely becoming the wave of the future. It is a revolutionary process of making a three-dimensional object of virtually any shape from a digital model. Using 3D printing technology is a faster and more efficient way to create many things.

You can design, develop, and print objects in a period of several hours, unlike contemporary methods which could take several days.

Generally, 3D printing speeds up product development and makes many products on our planet better. Many believe 3D printing is in its infant stages, however, this technology has been unfolding for nearly 30 years.

Unlike traditional subtractive manufacturing and machining methods, 3D uses additive technology, which is created by using a layering process, generating a three-dimensional object. Click Here!



One of the key advantages of this technology is the cost, which has decreased over the last few years.  As this trend continues to grow in popularity, cost reduction will inevitably become greater; therefore allowing designers and engineers to enter many markets that are otherwise too costly.


Currently, the technology of 3D printing is widely used with applications in architecture, automotive, military, fashion, footwear, eye wear, education, medical, dental and many other fields as well. This technology has opened windows exposing possibilities that at one time were unimaginable.



By using different kinds of materials, body parts and organs such as ears, limbs, hands, livers, and kidneys have already been prototyped. While in the experimental stages with rodents, there are many reasons to believe that this shall one day benefit humankind. Practical 3D Printers: The Science and Art of 3D Printing


3D innovative technology is gaining momentum and will find its common ground in due time much like the microwave and I-pad. In view of their numerous capabilities, 3D printers will eventually become a household name and fit well into the household budget, since prices are at reachable levels.



While the benefits of one day owning a 3D printer in your home are too many to mention, some of the capabilities are as simple as replacing a shower head, hairbrush, comb or coffee mug! There are many advantages to 3D printing and it is not far-fetched to believe that 3D printers can print just about any object. The Cube® Home 3D Printer (2nd Generation, Blue)



In the meantime there are many 3D printer companies which offer a wide-range of 3D printing services. Much like the way computers have changed the world of communication, 3D printers are changing the world of manufacturing.



Experience for yourself the fascinating capabilities of 3D printing. It is as realistic as imagining something in one instance and holding it in the palm of your hand shortly thereafter.Take a few moments and explore the many wonders of 3Dimensional printing.



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